Just need a plan for your workouts?

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Get your own custom workout program today!

Is this you?

  • Do you need a workout plan to follow that will align with your goals, fits your current level of fitness (beginner, intermediate or advanced), training preferences/styles (CrossFit, HIIT Training, Strength Training, Power Lifting, Weight Lifting, Etc.)

  • Do you want custom workouts for the gym, home or a mixture of both that incorporates the equipment you have access to?

  • Want a more hands-off style of training but still need accountability and direction?

  • Are you looking for a cheaper alternative to one on one coaching?

  • Need a program that fits your busy lifestyle? 

  • Do you want a program that Is made by a professional with years of experience in creating successful exercise programs for many different individuals?  

Then this is for you!

Get a handcrafted program from  a professional:

Hi! My name's Madison and I have created hundreds of successful exercise programs for people just like you!

I have a bachelor's degree in exercise science that taught me everything there is to know about programming exercise for anyone! As a personal trainer with years of experience I was able to apply this knowledge and help many people reach their fitness goals.

Now, I want to help YOU by creating a customized program that is easy to follow, affordable, enjoyable for you and gets you to your goals!

All my programs incorporate progressive overload to insure you are making progress with time. I include compound & unilateral exercises to create a well rounded program. I create programs based on your goals & preferences because it is also important that you enjoy what you are doing. I am also there for you along the way to help keep you accountable and motivated! 

This program is completely personalized to what level of commitment you'd like to have. 

Options Include:

  • You will get access to the online training platform (app) I use where you can track your own progress, access your custom workout programs and take it anywhere with you on your phone. [Add on option]

  • You will get short videos in the training platform (app) showing you how to perform each exercise inside you program so you don't have to find it all yourself. [Add on option]

  • You can choose if you would like to add on check-ins throughout the duration of your program. [Add on option]

  • Choose between biweekly, monthly or bulk program workouts. 

  • Choose if you want a program that focuses or specific muscles or muscle groups (glutes, hamstrings, back muscles, etc.)?

  • Choose between basic PDF programs (cheaper) or programs through the online training platform (app).

Everything is customizable to what works best for you! Fitness is different for everyone and that's why it is important to have a program that fits you!


My goal is to make my programs affordable and accessible to anyone that needs help. I really enjoy exercise programming and creating unique workouts that help people reach their fitness goals. 

Pricing and method of payment will differ depending on the length of the program, type of program and any add ons (like check-ins with me or added request.)

Fill out the online application form below and get a pricing quote on how much exactly your custom program will cost and be ready by.

Here are some price averages of custom programs so you can get an idea of what price yours might look like:

  • Bi-Weekly Programs (Two Weeks): $30-$40

  • Monthly Programs: $30-$60+/Month

  • Personalized Bulk Programs (One Time Price): $30-$65+

  • $$ Add On's Include: Check-Ins, home & gym mixed programs, access to training platform.

* These prices are based on estimates, and might be more or less than listed price. *

For more information on prices and custom programs email me or check out the "contact me" page. I would love to give you more specifics and talk about your goals together! :)